Afternoon Sessions

In our afternoon session for 2-3 year olds we plan a happy, nurturing, secure and fun environment where children can grow in confidence and develop their learning through play.

Daily routine

12.30 Doors open - Children welcomed in with parents

Children access all activities freely during the afternoon session with practitioners supporting play and nurturing relationships, sharing stories, adult initiated activity.

1.30 'Snack Bar' open - Children have of a variety of fruit and healthy snacks to choose from. Supported by a practitioner who will sit with a group of children at a time, encouraging skills such as making choices, pouring drinks, sharing, trying new tastes and clearing away

2.35 Tidy up time inside and out

2.45 Circle time, games, dancing, singing, stories

2.55 Coats on

3.00 Doors open to parents

Music with Catherine – This takes place for half an hour once each week during the summer term.  Children have the opportunity to sing, play instruments and learn rhyme and rhythm.  This takes place on a different afternoon each week to ensure all children can take part.
Children have free access to the indoor and outdoor environment during the session
During the afternoon sessions, the room is divided into areas to provide play activities suited to this age group.
  • Home corner
  • Messy play
  • Play dough or malleable play
  • Painting
  • Puzzles
  • Construction
  • Small world play
  • Mark making
  • Craft
  • Textural play
  • Block play
We have a cosy story area with sofa, cushions, soft toys and a very wide variety of books. Children can share books with friends or have stories with adults at any time during the session.
Outside play area
  • Large sand pit
  • Water play
  • Digging
  • Bikes
  • Sit ons
  • Wigwam
  • Play house
  • Balls
And much much more!
Children are encouraged to use the outdoor area throughout the whole year.

Two-Year Progress Checks
It is a statutory requirement that all two year olds should have a two-year progress check carried out at pre-school or nursery.  This check is in addition to the Review at Two, that is carried out by a health professional.  If your child has not had a two-year check at another setting, your child's key person will carry this out at the earliest opportunity after your child's first day.