Morning Sessions

Our morning session is an exciting and carefully planned learning environment for 30 children aged 3-4 years, where we provide a balance of adult–initiated and child-initiated activities.

Daily Routine

8.45 Children arrive.  Beginning of session/free play.  

9.30 Good Morning Talktime

9.45 Free play inside and outside, special days and adult led activities

9.45 Snack bar opens

11.00 - 11.15 Tidy up time

11.30 Circle time, group games, music, movement or singing

11.40  Children get ready for lunch club or for going home

11.45 Parents arrive to collect children

For most of the session the children can choose to play inside or out.

Additional morning activities include:

Football - There is a weekly football fun and fitness session, lasting approximately 25 minutes for each group of children.  We hold this on a different day each term, to ensure all children have an opportunity to take part.

Music with Catherine – This takes place for half an hour once each week.  Children have the opportunity to sing, play instruments and learn rhyme and rhythm.  This takes place on a different morning each week to ensure all children can take part.

During the morning sessions, the room is divided into areas of learning as follows:-

  • Story corner - Communication and Language, Literacy
  • Role play - Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Building and construction - Mathematics, Physical development
  • Discovery - Understanding the World
  • Mark making/craft - Expressive arts and design
  • Textural - physical development
  • ICT - Understanding the World


  • Play house - Personal Social & Emotional Development, Communication and Language
  • Construction - Mathematics
  • Sand pit - Physical Development
  • Planting - Understanding the world
  • Large chalk boards - Literacy
  • Water play - Mathematics, Physical Development
  • Large chime bars - Expressive arts and design
  • Bike and scooters - Physical Development

These are some examples of the learning that takes place in each area.  However each area or activity covers at least two or more ‘Early Learning Goals’.

Activities such as cooking cover all areas of learning.